THE HODOS GROUP     Integrative Psychotherapy


Listening to the narrative of every person’s life is fascinating.  Being  empathic, interactive,  and oriented toward making positive changes is part of the group philosophy. Psychotherapy is initially about being  open  to exploring different parts of  your self, the significant others in your life, and the quality of the connection. We are both particularly skilled in working with young adults and adults, however equally enjoy working with all age groups.

One main focus for therapy is to find balance in our lives, taking into account ones physical health, as well as mental health, and developing the ability for being psychologically centered and present. We need to be able to accurately assess what the causative factors are for conflict, pain, illness, or feeling ungrounded. Finding destructive patterns can be quite useful( such as shame, blame and guilt). Forgiveness, finding our humility and our sense of connection to humanity, and to the earth, are germane to the group’s philosophy, with the end goal being to  help people find a sense of joy in their relationships, and to focus on more positive aspects of life.

Within the past 35 years of practice, Susan Hodos has additionally studied Psychoanalytic Theory, Ayurvedic Medicine, EMDRFamily Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Internal Family Systems . She has had many years of successfully helping people overcome anxiety and depression due to self esteem, relationship problems, loss, and trauma.

Lauren Pincus has at least 14 years of experience as an LSW. She received her MSW degree from NYU in 2006 and since that time she’s continued training in Internal Family Systems and Somatic Experiencing. Lauren is sincerely empathic which translates in her approach to therapy with each client. Lauren’s presence helps people feel at ease during this vulnerable process. She integrates presence and mindfulness in whatever approach she takes and moves at the clients pace to optimize the therapeutic experience.

Call or email Susan Hodos @973-558-3111 or

Call or email Lauren Pincus @ 201- 953-1516 or

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